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We are a confidential billing service that offers Ontario Doctors:

Cost Savings

Use your staff to run your office, not your billing. Currently you pay approximately 12% in CPP, EI and Vacation pay alone.

Worry-Free Service

We don’t get sick, quit, or take vacations. We’ve done this longer than anyone. Since 1972, we’ve been accurately submitting claims for over 1,000 doctors in Ontario. That’s a lot of experience working for you.


Our expertise helps get your payments maximised and collected as fast as possible. We don’t charge you for corrections or resubmissions, so our incentive is to get you paid the first time.

Technology Management

Peace of mind matters. Why worry about computer software support, updates, backups, restores, fixes, supplies, fee schedule updates and on and on? We’ll do it all for you!

Time Saving

Whether you’d rather spend time practicing medicine, being a parent, spouse or simply enjoying more leisure time, we can alleviate your time crunch. Why do your billing yourself or manage someone else to do it for you. Either way you’re wasting time being an accounts receivable clerk.


We can handle varied configurations of practice, we will find the location, doctor and facility numbers so you don’t have to worry. We use high-quality billing software, so if you use our service as a “stepping stone” to your purchase of software in the future, you can “import” your files from us into any BillMINDER, Oscar, Practice Solutions Suite, Nightingale Software, Accuro, or P&P EMR billing system.

Are you a doctor suffering from any of the following symptoms?

  • High costs of running your office
  • High staff turnover or absenteeism
  • Medical billing nightmares and lagging accounts receivables
  • Computer hassles and costs
  • Headaches from tracking billing for multiple locations
  • The time crunch of running your practice versus personal time

Our Diagnosis:

Inefficiency of your Billing or Administrative System.

Medical symbol

There is only one effective cure.

Why deal with us?

Choosing a billing agent is tough. There are a lot of them out there, most of them single individuals working from home using someone else’s software. They may well be competent people with good prices, but what about your security? You are dependant on an individual for your income – if they get sick or have any personal difficulties you are in trouble. If their software vendor of choice goes out of business or is slow at getting necessary changes out to them you pay the price.

Our principals and management team have been in the billing agent and medical software businesses for over 30 years, that’s a long and successful track record. We use our own software – it will always be updated on a timely basis and you will never be “caught in the middle”. We have a pool of data entry staff to complement our management team – you are not solely dependant on one person.

The most important thing in selecting a billing agent is will they get your claims in on time, will they maximize your billings and minimize your rejections. Our track record speaks for itself.

You don’t have to choose between a reputable company or the best price. With us, you get both.

We have different rate plans depending on your needs as defined by your type of practice, patient and dollar volumes, as well as geographic location. There is a cost effective package for your needs and it will always be less than submitting cards to the MOH ($2/card) and usually less than most other billing agents typically charge you (2.5% of billings or $1 per service code).

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